Stingray City

Stingray City Diving and Snorkelling

Stingray City is probably one of the most famous excursions on the whole of Grand Cayman. It is a series of sandbars crossing the North Sound from Morgan Harbour to Rum Point. Boats typically stop at Stingray Sandbar.

The southern stingrays can grow to 150cm (about 5 feet) across. They are likely to have been initially attracted by fishing boats throwing unwanted fish (or fish guts) back in to the sea and nowadays, the tourist boats will throw squid meat for the stingrays to eat.

The stingrays can sometimes be fed by hand. Once fed, the animals become very placid, even allowing themselves to be posed for photos.

The water is only a few feet deep, so snorkelling or scuba diving is equally possible. If the weather is windy, even a glass bottom boat will allow to you view these extraordinary creatures close up - and whilst staying dry.




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